What Is Manchego Cheese?

Manchego is a delicious Spanish hard cheese made of sheep’s milk. We love it! Have a read through the site and find out all you need to know about this decadent food.

Manchego cheese is only made in the La Mancha region of Spain – it’s the only place in the world where real Manchego can be made. There are also a few other conditions that make up the unique fingerprint of real Manchego cheese.

One of these specifics is the main ingredient – it’s not a cow’s milk like a lovely Brie de Meaux, or a goat’s milk cheese like the neighbouring Catalan Mató – Manchego is a sheep’s milk cheese. And it’s been like that for a long time; Manchego has been made for thousands of years, literally, on the Iberian peninsula.

You probably don’t want to purchase a thousand-year-old cheese. Very few foodstuffs age that far! However, there are significant (and tasty) differences in Manchego cheeses depending on how long they’ve been aged for. This is just one of the things you should consider when buying a wheel of Manchego from your local gourmet deli.

The most important consideration, though, is your plan for a Manchego meal. I mean, obviously Manchego is just one part of the meal, but when you’ve got a cheese this good, you really should shape the entire meal around it.

Or maybe you can’t get hold of Manchego but your recipe demands it? We can also help you out in finding the appropriate substitute for Manchego cheese – don’t worry, we’ll find something that works!

Thanks for your visit and happy Manchego eating!

Comprehensive information about Manchego Cheese, the best Spanish cheese also known as Queso Manchego.